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content management systems

Many churches and businesses wanting to build a website put little thought into one of the most important aspects of website design: how do I update the content and keep the website useable, and attractive? As a result, many websites end up as static pages that don't ever change, or as a mix of nice web design and messy added content that is not attractive or useful.

Content management systems are software programs that attempt to solve these issues by allowing website owners to easily edit the content of their website so the pages don't stay static, and by helping keep added content true to the overall web design so it looks professional and readable.

We offer two CMS options because we believe no single option is best suited to every church or business. Some need simple, which may eliminate some flexibility, but can make editing content easier and faster. Others need more freedom to edit and alter their website, but that comes with a higher learning curve.

So, these are the CMS solutions we offer, chosen for their ease-of-use, low cost, and powerful features. We even recommend combining them for a wider range of content management tools and options.


Cold River Web Editor
An easy-to-use CMS option with powerful tools. It offers a basic blog that can also be used for news updates, a simple calendar, excellent and easy-to-build photo galleries, site statistics, and more.

The most powerful feature, though, is the Blocks system. Any area of a webpage can be turned into an editable Block. Images, text, links, and more, can be changed, added or removed. We can tailor the CMS to suit your needs.


WYSIWYG This CMS is as simple as they come. Log in to your site as an administrator, then click what you want to edit. Change pictures and text. Upload sermons and bulletins. Add or edit a photo gallery.

This option is best paired with our Basic or Full management plan to get more out of your website. It gives you some control while keeping us in the loop for big jobs or difficult changes.